Summer Spray Oil

Product Description

Summer Spray Oil is used for the control of Scale, Meely Bug and Mite on citrus, deciduous fruit trees and ornamental plants.

It is highly refined lightweight mineral spray oil, designed to mix readily with water, thus providing easy and efficient preparation.

Summer Spray Oil can also be used as a spreading agent for neutral fungicides and pesticides.


Summer Spray Oil is compatible with most common neutral insecticides and fungicides. It is not compatible with alkaline chemicals such as lime Sulphur and Bordeaux, or mercury-based materials, or Captain and Defoliate. Check product labels for caution with other chemicals including miticides. A mixture of Tru-Blu Summer Spray Oil with more than one other substance is not recommended as it may be ineffective and cause serious damage.


Crop Pest State Rate Comments
Citrus Scale Insects VIC & NSW 1-5 litre For a light infestations, apply as a single spray between December and mid-March
      1 litre For moderate to heavy infestations, apply two sprays 6-8 weeks apart between mid-December and mid-March
Pome Fruit Sane Jose VIC & NSW 2 litre Dormant application
      1 litre Second (optional) application at bud swell prior to bud burst
      1 litre Post-harvest application
  Funcide   250-500 ml As a spreading agent for Copper Oxychloride used prior to bud swell. Add to 100 litres of mixed spray when using with other fungicides during growth season. Do not exceed 250ml per 100 litres of spray.
Ornamentals       Apply as for Citrus Trees

Mixing Instructions:
Do not premix, add the required quantity of oil direct to water under agitation. Always add oil to water, Do not add water to the oil.

Important Notes:

  • Do not apply later than one day before harvest
  • Do not apply under hot, dry or windy conditions
  • Do not apply when temperature exceeds 30oC
  • Do not use a mixture of Summer Spray Oil with more than one other substance


1000 litre IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre cube


Safety Data Sheet – Summer Spray Oil