Product Description

If an engine is used infrequently the fuel in the tank will go stale. Petrol begins to deteriorate after little more than a month. Diesel can degrade in as little as one week. Generally speaking, the higher the RON (octane) rating of the fuel, the shorter its storage life will be.

Using stale fuel in your engine can result in difficult starting and reduced performance at best, and at worst you could have a very expensive repair bill.

Tru-Blu Fuel Stabilizer is a multi-fuel, multi beneficial molecularly improving and stabilizing product that improves the ability of the actual fuel to reduce fuel degradation (age oxidation) due to thermal breakdown thus increasing the fuel life by up to 12 months.

Tru-Blu Fuel Stabilizer is 100% petroleum based and can be added to any fuel.


Tru-Blu Fuel Stabilizer is for use where draining the fuel system is not an option or not convenient.
Pour calculated amount into nearly empty tank immediately before filling tank with fuel.
Works in any fuel; 2 stroke, 4 stroke, ULP , Diesel, LPG, LNG, Bio fuel, even heating oil and kerosene.
Note; for LNG and LPG engines the Tru-Blu Fuel Stabilizer requires a gas lubricator to inject this into the engine.

Tru-Blu Fuel Stabilizer is used at a ratio of approximately 1-200.


  • No more difficult starts
  • One use will stabilize the fuel for up to 12 months (if used when stored fuel is fresh).
  • Coats and lubricates ALL metals parts, including the fuel sending unit, valves, carburettor, fuel injectors, fuel tank, and intake manifold to stop corrosion.
  • Helps to reduce varnish, gum and resin formation and build up in the fuel and fuel system, therefore allowing the optimum performance of the fuel.
  • Helps to clean previously deposited carbon in the interior of the combustion chamber without the use of detergents therefore allowing the optimum performance of the engine.
  • Helps reduce wear to the internals of the engine giving longer life.
  • Helps burn more cleanly when it is used thus maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • Helps reduce exhaust emissions to keep the environment healthy.
  • Helps to increase the oxygen efficiency of the fuel making the fuel more efficient.
  • Helps to reduce the negative effects of moisture in the fuel. This can particularly be a problem when bio fuels are used.
  • Helps to reduce diesel bug by denying the bug the moisture it requires to live on.
  • Reduces the pour point of diesel fuel thus reducing waxing.
  • Does not alter the fuel composition in any way. Meets all fuel regulations.

For best results always store vehicles and equipment with a full tank of fresh fuel rather than a near empty tank. Always run the engine for up to 5 minutes after adding Tru-Blu Fuel StabilizerĀ® to ensure the entire fuel system is coated and not just the fuel stored in the fuel tank.


205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre, 1 litre pack


Material Safety Data Sheet – Fuel Stabilizer