Chain & Bar Oil

100, 130, 150, 220 & 320

Product Description

Chain & Bar Oil is a good quality chain and bar lubricant intended to provide cost effective lubrication of chains, sprockets and guide bars of chain saws with either automatic or hand oilers.

Chain & Bar Oil is recommended for the lubrication of the chain bar and sprockets of all types of chainsaws, using either hand – operated or automatic oilers for light to medium use applications.

Chain & Bar Oil comes in different viscosities and thicknesses making it suitable in all environments and applications. In severe conditions and applications, the thicker Chain & Bar Oil 220 & 320 would be recommended.


Reduces wear:

Reduces wear on the chain bar and sprocket.

Less waste:

The tacky quality of the product reduces sling-off from the chain.


Good penetration into chain links and excellent bar lubrication


1000L IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre bottles, 1 litre bottles



Material Safety Data Sheet – Chain and Bar Oil