Product Description

Extended Life Coolant is a premium quality organic, extended life, fully formulated ethylene glycol based anti-boil / anti-freeze coolant concentrate. It is based on carboxylate technology, containing no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates or amines. Containing 94% monoethylene glycol and a double inhibitor package, it ensures ultimate corrosion protection and extended service life for both automotive and heavy duty diesel engines.

Extended Life Coolant has been specifically formulated to protect all metals used in the manufacture of modern engines while having no deleterious affect on plastics, rubber hoses or gaskets. It significantly increases the operating life of water pumps and exceeds corrosion performance levels required to meet Australian Standard AS2108.1-2004.


Extended Life Coolant is recommended for all automotive applications, including heavy duty diesel engines in trucks and tractors, where anti-boil or anti-freeze coolants are specified.

  • Has a service life of 5 years / 200,000 kms in passenger car applications and up to 6 years / 1,000,000 kms / 12000 hours in heavy diesel engine applications in well maintained systems.
  • Protects all metals found in cooling systems and gives excellent protection against cavitation erosion and wet-sleeve liner pitting.
  • Significantly increases the operating life of water pumps.
  • Provides maximum protection against “hot spot” corrosion, common in aluminium cylinder heads.
  • Flexibility of dilution rate ensures that most engine manufacturer’s specifications are able to be satisfied.
  • Gives excellent protection in cold climates (when mixed at only 33% with water, freezes at approximately -18ºC).


Meets or exceeds the following performance levels:

  • ASTM D3306 (and D4656)
  • MAN 324 (Diesel Engines)
  • ASTM D4985 (and D5345)
  • Volvo
  • ASTM D6210
  • Scania (Tech Info. TI 02-98)
  • BS 6580 (British Standard)
  • Mercedes-Benz Sheet 32.53
  • UNE 23-361-88/1
  • Mack-RV1
  • FVV Heft R443 (Germany)
  • Caterpillar EC-1
  • NATO S-757
  • Cummins 90 T8-4
  • BT-PS-606A (MIL-Belgium)
  • Detroit Diesel/Perkins
  • E/L-1415b (MIL-Italy)
  • Komatsu
  • SAE J1034
  • General Motors GM 6277M
  • JIS K2234 (Japan) LLC
  • General Motors GM 1899M
  • JASO M325 (Japan) LLC
  • Ford WSS-M97B44-C
  • BR 637
  • Volkswagen VW TL774D
  • DCEA 615 (MIL-France)
  • Audi/SEAT/Skoda
  • FSD 8704 (MIL-Sweden)
  • AS/NZS 2108.1:1997 (Australian Standard) Type A
  • BMW N600 69.0
  • Navistar
  • SAAB
  • Mitsubishi EX-X64216
  • DAF-Leyland 74001
  • Honda
  • Mazda MES 121C
  • Hyundai
  • Toyota
  • Daihatsu
  • Subaru


Extended Life Coolant is a concentrated product, manufactured to meet Australian Standard AS2108.1-2004. Please follow engine manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure dosage rates are complied with. It can be used at 50% dilution rate with deionised water. A 50:50 premix is available (No Boil 50) from Tru-Blu Oil which is compliant with most recommendations.


Testing of coolant on a regular basis is extremely important. Appropriate levels of ethylene glycol and reserve alkalinity can be tested using test strips or by refractometer.
Systems should only be topped up with Coolant or a coolant mixture and not with water. This will ensure that ethylene glycol levels do not vary.


200 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre pack 1 litre pack


Safety Data Sheet – Extended Life Coolant