Rock Drill (with & without Moly)

ISO 150, 320, 380 & 460

Product Description

Tru-Blu Rock Drill Oil (with & without Molybdenum) are specially formulated products for the lubrication of percussion-type air tools. They have excellent EP properties and rust protection, are non-corrosive to air tool parts and resist water wash-out.

They are a blend of highly refined base oils and special additives which produce a superior lubricant for air powered equipment. The naturally high viscosity index provides optimum lubrication for both low start up temperatures and high operation temperatures.

Tru-Blu Rock Drill Oil is available in ISO viscosity grades 150, 320, 380 and 460 to provide the correct choice for most operating or climatic conditions in Australia.


Tru-Blu Rock Drill Oil is recommended for percussion-type air tools of all kinds, including rock drills, paving breakers, pneumatic pile drivers, ballast tampers, chipping hammers, etc. Percussion air tools are normally lubricated by oil mist carried in the air supplied to the tool. The oil may be supplied from an integral reservoir in the tool, an air-line lubricator, or in the case of larger crawler mounted drills, from a central reservoir.

In the case of air-line lubricators particularly, the amount of oil picked up and carried by the air stream depends to a considerable extent on the viscosity of the lubricant in the lubricator. This in turn is a function of both the viscosity grade of the lubricant selected and the temperature of the lubricant in the lubricator, as determined by the temperature of the ambient air surrounding the lubricator and the temperature of the compressed air reaching it.

Where tools are not operated continuously or the air receiver is located far enough from the tools so that the compressed air cools before reaching the lubricators, the ambient air temperature is generally the controlling factor in obtaining proper life and reliable operation of percussion type air tools. Except for the smallest tools, air-line lubricators of the proper size should be installed at the correct distance from the tool (about 3 to 4 metres).

Maintenance schedules should be arranged so that the lubricators are refilled at the correct intervals to prevent the tools from being run dry. Periodic blowing of the air-lines to remove collected water and dirt will also assist in obtaining good lubrication.


Resists water wash-out by emulsifying slightly with moisture to form a strongly adhering lubricating film that provides good wear protection, protects against rusting, and resists removal by additional water. Inclusion of a tackiness agent insures adhesion to cylinder walls and drill surfaces.

In service, equipment wear due to high speeds and heavy or shock loads is minimised by the extreme pressure additives which fortify the lubricant.

Protects against rust and corrosion of tool surfaces by the inclusion of effective inhibitors.

Resists foaming in air-line lubricators, so that oil feed to the tool will be uniform and easily controlled.

Minimises formation of fog in the drill exhaust by the inclusion of an effective anti-fogging additive.


1000 Litre IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre cube


Material Safety Data Sheet – Rock Drill Oil