Stroker MCL 5100

Stroker Marine Cylinder Oil

Product Description

Tru-Blu, Stroker Marine Cylinder Oil is a cylinder lubricant designed for use in two-stroke low speed diesel engines running under conditions of very high oil stress. It provides protection in engines that requires a very high performing product and is suitable for use with engines burning residual fuel with sulphur levels > 2.0%.

Stroker MCL 5100 has been engineered to offer excellent performance for the new, more demanding engines, under challenging operational conditions such as “slow” and “flexible” steaming regimes and/or with very high sulphur levels. Stroker MCL 5100 offers additional protection for engines running under more demanding conditions, such as Tier II tuned engines and those retrofitter with turbocharger cut outs where additional support from the lubricant is required. It has been especially formulated to deal with all aspects of Oil Stress.


Two Stroke low speed diesel engines:

Tru-Blu Stroker MCL 5100 is for cylinder lubrication of 2-stroke low speed diesel engines running under conditions of high oil stress (for example, engines with very long strokes or fitted with a turbocharger cut out) and burning residual fuel oil with sulphur > 2.0%.


Tru-Blu Stroker MCL offers outstanding acid neutralising properties which help to prolong life of components. It has been designed to offer additional protection for those running under more demanding conditions which result in greater oil stress. Stroker MCL has superior deposit control and minimises deposit build up on pistons, piston rings, ring grooves, under piston spaces and in cylinder ports.


1000 Litre IBC, 205 litre drums, 20 litre cube