Fuel Saver and Oil Stabiliser

“I am a home mechanic who services and repairs 6 family vehicles. I came across Fuel Saver and Oil Stabiliser over 20 years ago.

I used the Oil Stabiliser on a Toyota Corona with over 250,000km that had engine and manual transmission leaks. Initially I added I litre of Oil Stabiliser (about 20%) to an oil change and within weeks I noticed significantly less oil drips on the ground where the car was parked. When I replaced the manual transmission oil, together with just under a litre of Oil Stabiliser (25%), the oil drips from the transmission almost ceased over a couple of weeks.
The other noticeable change was that the engine was slightly less noisy with the Oil Stabiliser, and also the engine ran at a slightly cooler temperature when observing the temperature gauge. I have used the Oil Stabiliser in power steering fluid, rear diffs and transfer cases and always noticed that if there were leaks, they always dissipated.
I began using the Fuel Saver at the same time. Over the next few tanks I noticed the range increased between fills. Over time, the improvement in economy was in the range of 6-10%. The Fuel Saver more than paid for itself. Using Fuel Saver also minimised the amount of black smoke from the exhaust if you accelerated hard in a diesel car.
I continue using both these products to this day and can vouch that all the cars my wife and I have owned, they have had longevity of mileage. I’ve previously owned two 1984 Toyota Coronas clocking over 300000km and a 2001 VW Polo reaching 300000km. Currently I own a 2003 Land Rover Freelander with 360000km as well as a 2006 Peugeot 307 with 470000km on the clock and both of these are still running well. Regular maintenance and using both Oil Stabiliser and Fuel Saver have contributed to this, as well as savings in running costs and repairs that were not needed.”

– Con Margaritis (14th April, 2020)

UHT Grease

“I would like to thank you for the quality of your products. In particular, the UHT Grease, that I have been buying for the last ten years.

I own and operate 4 recycling trucks. They operate under extreme conditions. They use side litter operations with several high wear bushes. Specifically the paddle bearings which are made of nylon. Bushes are about 6 inches in diameter and they push the recycling into the compactor at about 1,200 psi. The bushes on my truck are ten years old now and are just coming to the end of their life.
In comparison the trucks owned by other drivers have used a variety of different greases from other companies and their bushes have lasted 5 years or less. These bushes are about $2500 to $3000 to replace.
So thank you Tru Blu Oil for a great product!”

– Richard Allsop (19th June, 2013)