Product Description

UNI-B CF-4/SL energised protection oils are specially designed to protect against wear for long engine life and a high level of wear, sludge and acid formulation protection against deposits for efficient engine performance.

UNI-B CF-4/SL adapts to driving needs and contains an active detergent system to help clean your engine whilst it lubricates and protects.


UNI-B CF-4/SL has been specially formulated to provide superior engine performance in a variety of off- highway applications, as well as older on-highway diesel and petrol vehicles. This includes all types of trucks, earthmoving equipment, stationery engines, cars and light commercials where a CF-4/CF diesel rating or an SL, SJ, SG or SF petrol rating is required.

UNI-B CF-4/SL offers premium performance and protection in construction industry for use in transmission and hydraulic applications (where specified)

UNI-B CF-4/SL is also suitable for stationary equipment operating under continuous, steady state loadings
(e.g. pumps)

It is formulated to lubricate turbo charged and normally aspirated diesel engines operating under severe stress conditions both on highway and off road situations. This product can also be used in petrol engines making it a suitable product for mixed fleet operators.


  • UNI-CF-4/SL
  • ACEA: E2, A2, B2
  • MAN : 270/271
  • MB Approval: 228.1
  • MTU Category 1
  • Volvo VDS


205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre pack


Material Safety Data Sheet – UNI-B CF-4 SL 10w30, 15W40, 20W50