Vacuum Pump Oil ISO 68

Product Description

VACUUM PUMP OIL ISO 68 is blended from high quality solvent refined paraffinic base stocks. As Vacuum Pump oil does not contain additives it eliminates the possibility of vapour pressure increases that can be caused by additive introduced volatility.


VACUUM PUMP OIL ISO 68 was originally designed for use in Robinaire vacuum pumps, which were widely used in the refrigeration industry with vacuum readings of 0.01 mm/Hg.

Also for service in vacuum pumps, particularly those associated with the refrigeration trade and milk producers.

VACUUM PUMP OIL ISO 68 is recommended for use in clean machines only.

Additive free removes the possibility of vapour pressure increases due to additives.

Serviceability has excellent filterability and water separation and has minimal deposit formation


205 litre drum, 20 litre pail


Safety Data Sheet – Vacuum Pump Oil 68