Product Description

RX GEAR OIL 75W90 is a heavy duty automotive multi-purpose, sophisticated extreme pressure gear lubricant designed to meet the requirements of the API Service Classification GL-4. It is fully inhibited against foaming, oxidation and corrosion, and contains extreme pressure additives which ensure that the oil meets all the requirements of modern automotive differentials, manual transmissions and final drives to operate at high load-carrying capacity at sustained high speed under high torque loading conditions, where such gear oils are required.


RX GEAR OIL 75W90 should be used in differentials using hypoid and spiral bevel gears as well as manual transmissions which specify this grade of gear oil.


RX GEAR OIL 75W/90 meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • API: GL-4
  • DAIMLER-CHRYSLER: 235.5, 235.1
  • MAN: 341 (EOD)
  • ZF: TE-ML02, TE-ML08


1000 litre IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre pail, 5 litre pack.


Safety Data Sheet – RX Gear Oil GL4 75W90 (5 August 2022)