Your defence in the most extreme conditions

Product Description

Tru-Blu Artic Defence is an ashless cold flow improver additive which improves operability for a range of diesel and biodiesel fuels and blends, at low temperatures. Used throughout the cold regions of Australia by Oil Companies, Fuel Terminals and end users in stationary and mobile diesel engine equipment. Diesel fuels from many different origins contain varying amounts of wax which will crystallise and gel below certain temperatures.

Tru-Blu Artic Defence inhibits and modifies wax crystal growth, offering effective cold flow management for many of the currently available diesel fuels and blends.
Best results for reducing Cold Filter Plugging Point are achieved when diesel/heating oil blends/(winter/alpine/ highland diesel) & Tru-Blu Artic Defence at efficient treat rates are employed.


Tru-Blu Artic Defence can save you money! By treating regular diesel fuel with Tru-Blu Artic Defence you save on the high cost of buying winter diesel.

Proven in the coldest regions of Australia.

By using Tru-Blu Artic Defence you’re ensured a smooth and easy start every time where ever you are in Australia.

Treat Rates and Tests.

Tru-Blu Artic Defence should be added to fuel at a treat rate of 1:1000 for use in most conditions.
For severe applications (such as when traveling in the extreme cold regions such as the Snowy Mountains) a treat rate of 1:500 is recommended.

Regular Diesel Pour Point (ASTM D97)
Diesel – untreated -3 °C
Diesel + Arctic Defence 1:1000 -24 °C
Diesel + Arctic Defence 1:500 -30 °C
Winter Diesel / Heating Oil Pour Point (ASTM D97)
Winter Diesel – untreated -9 °C
Winter Diesel + Arctic Defence 1:1000  
Winter Diesel + Arctic Defence 1:500  


1000 Litre IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre jerry & 1 litre chamber packs.

Additional Information

It is important to add the Tru-Blu Artic Defence to the fuel when the temperature of the fuel is above its cloud point. Dose the fuel at the fuel depot or directly into the diesel engine fuel tank.
Add the Tru-Blu Artic Defence to the fuel prior to topping up with the new fuel delivery. The turbulence will successfully mix the Tru-Blu Artic Defence through the fuel.
Alternatively the Tru-Blu Artic Defence can be added at any time to the fuel in storage and action of recirculating will ensure adequate dispersion.

NOTE: Values stated herein are typical and do not represent a specification.


Material Safety Data Sheet – Arctic Defence
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