Product Description

Diesel Fuel Conditioner is an internationally-proven diesel fuel performance enhancer combined with a biocide and can be added to any diesel fuel.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner when continually used applies a coating on the rings and valves to prevent loss of compression and combustion gases, effectively sealing the combustion chamber to maximise power and reduce wear.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner cleans injectors of gum and resin build up that that holds carbon in place in the combustion chamber. Diesel Fuel Conditioner promotes complete combustion of diesel inhibiting the build-up of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. As a result, black diesel smoke and soot levels in oil are dynamically reduced.


Diesel Fuel Conditioner can be added to any diesel fuel. The biocide component will protect diesel fuel in storage and ensure that the treated fuel held in bulk storage is protected from microbial growth.

Diesel Fuel Conditioner is used at a ratio of approximately 650:1.


  • Reduced wear
  • More power
  • Increased compression
  • Less pollution
  • Increased economy
  • Easier starting
  • Longer engine life
  • Protection against microbial growth in storage


205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre, 1 litre pack