Product Description

UPPER CYLINDER LUBRCANT (UCL) is 100% petroleum based and can be added to any fuel,
Tru-Blu UCL when continually used applies a coating on the rings and valves to prevent loss of compression and combustion gases, effectively cleaning and sealing the combustion chamber to maximise power ,reduce wear and most importantly reduce fuel usage.


UCL can be added to any fuel, ULP, Super, Diesel, LPG, CNG, LNG- Two or Four Stroke engines, Heavy Fuels, Kerosene, Boiler and Heating fuels.

UCL overcomes the numerous problems for today’s standard fuels such as sulphur reduction, very high sulphur fuels , addition of biofuels, reduced emissions requirements, maintenance of DPF,EGR,DOC, Catalytic converters and the ever increasing cost of fuel.

Tru-Blu UCL cleans injectors of gum and resin build up that that holds carbon in place in the combustion chamber thereby reducing further carbon deposits and in utilising more air improves the combustion process markedly.

LPG does not have the lubricating properties of liquid fuels, which lessen blow-by valve seat wear and premature oil degradation. Tru-Blu Upper Cylinder Lubricant provides the lubricating properties in the combustion chamber that LPG does not have.

Upper Cylinder Lubricant injected into the manifold via a gas lubricator provides lubrication to the rings, valve seats and prevents corrosive combustion by-products from LPG entering the sump and attacking the main bearings.

UCL is used at a ratio of approximately 650: 1. ( Each 100ml graduation treats 65 litres of fuel) Pour calculated amount into nearly empty tank immediately before filling tank with fuel.


  • Increased economy- up to 10% reduction in fuel uasage.
  • Keeps Diesel Particulate filters & EGR vales clean
  • Reduced wear- prolongs the life of, injectors, pumps, and valves
  • Compensates for the negative effects of bio-fuel including bio-diesel
  • Compensates for the reduction in sulphur in fuels
  • Reduces waxing in diesel fuels to -32 degrees Celsius at 1; 200
  • More power- Improved combustion of fuels
  • Increased fuel storage life
  • Increased compression for more power
  • Easier starting
  • Lower Temperatures
  • Longer engine component life
  • Less pollution –longer Catalytic converter life
  • Helps pass emission tests


205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre, 1 litre pack


Material Safety Data Sheet – Upper Cylinder Lube