Product Description

SX MAX SN/CF 10W40 conforms to the high standards required to achieve long engine life, excellent engine cleanliness and protection for engine management and pollution control systems.

The API SN engine oil category was introduced in October 2010 for the latest gasoline engine equipped vehicles and is also suitable for older vehicles. SX MAX SN 10W40 is designed to provide improved high temperature deposit protection for pistons, more stringent sludge control and seal compatibility. It is formulated with components that meet the latest stringent requirements for emission control system compatibility.

SX MAX SN/CF is also available in fuel economy viscosity grades that meet the requirements of ILSAC GF-5 and API Resource Conserving categories. The full synthetic version of SX MAX SN is suitable for use where GM Dexos® 1 oils are specified.


Material Safety Data Sheet – SX MAX SNCF Series