Product Description

TS40 Stroker 2 stroke JASO FC Semi-Synthetic oil is premium performance “low smoke”, “genuine Low Ash” two stroke oil, formulated with a special low ash additive system. It is pre diluted with a high flash point solvent to facilitate mixing with petrol at all temperatures.

Designed for engines requiring JASO FC / ISO LEGC performance lubricants, including high output machines operating in severe service.


Air and water-cooled two stroke motorcycle engines in warranty service . It meets the minimum performance for the Japanese OEM high performance motorcycle engines-Includes mopeds, motor cycles, scooters, go karts and other sporting equipment.

Two Stroke engines fitted to stationary and portable power equipment (brush cutters, chainsaws, lawn mowers etc).

Oil injected two stroke engines where Fuel/oil premixing is not required, except high performance water-cooled marine outboards.

Meets the specifications of JASO FC and ISO LEGC

Note: always refer to the OEM recommendations for the oil used in your equipment.


205 litre drum, 20 litre cube, 5 litre bottle


Safety Data Sheet – TS40 FC 2 Stroke Oil