Product Description

303 SPRAY LUBE is a penetrating / lubricant spray that will adhere and provide lubrication, rust protection and water-proofing for periods of up to 12 months


303 SPRAY LUBE will provide 5 weeks protection from corrosion on newly faced metal surfaces.

303 SPRAY LUBE is ideal in marine applications and will water proof the ignition of marine engines for up to a year with liberal application. It is also excellent for rust proofing fishing equipment.

303 SPRAY LUBE is especially useful for lubricating equipment which is left exposed to the extremes of the weather or in corrosive atmospheres

303 SPRAY LUBE is excellent for cleaning weapons and has been trialled by the Australian army with extremely favourable results.

303 SPRAY LUBE can water proof the ignition systems of motor vehicles for long periods of time, avoiding problems associated with wet electrics. In electric motors and generators

303 SPRAY LUBE will prevent the formation of corrosion on connections.


20L, 5L, 1L, 350g pressurised spray


Material Safety Data Sheet – SPRAYLUBE 303