Product Description

Tru-Blu Nevermelt Bentonite Grease is high temperature grease suitable for use in extreme environments such as high temperature ovens and kilns that with correct monitoring will still provide protection at temperatures above 300°C.

Tru-Blu Nevermelt Bentonite Grease, based on an inorganic non-soap thickener and a specially selected base oil, will provide lubrication beyond the temperature limitations of lithium based greases.

Tru-Blu Nevermelt Bentonite Grease does not melt like soap thickened greases and as such its consistency changes only minimally with increased temperatures. In bearings operating at high temperatures it resists softening and remains in place providing good sealing and continuous lubrication.

Conventional greases use organometallic soap thickeners which break down at high temperature making them unsuitable for very high temperature applications. The inorganic clay thickener in Tru-Blu Nevermelt Bentonite Grease does not melt and continues to provide protection under extreme conditions.

The base oil component of Tru-Blu Nevermelt Bentonite Grease is a high quality, solvent refined, high viscosity mineral oil with excellent oxidation and evaporation resistance. Oxidation stability is also improved by the addition of a special high temperature oxidation inhibitor.


Grease life varies considerably from application to application even with bearings operating under nominally identical conditions. Variables such as air flow, dirt and humidity can have a considerable effect in addition to more commonly recognised parameters of load, speed and temperature.

Normal inspection and regreasing intervals apply in the temperature range –10°C to 180°C. When operating temperatures are above 180°C, inspection and regreasing intervals should be increased.

At very high temperatures, for example 400°C and above, charring may be observed. Although the clay thickener will still provide protection under these conditions, regular cleaning of charred material is recommended.

Preferably, bearing housings should be designed to allow for complete purging during re-lubrication or alternatively, the bearing should be dismantled for periodic servicing and complete replacement of the grease change.

Tru-Blu Nevermelt Bentonite Grease can also be used for conventional general purpose use such as disc brakes in automotive areas and high water resistance uses.


180 kg drums, 20 kg drums, 2.5 kg tubs, 450 gram cartridge.