Product Description

TRU-BLU ‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease is a high temperature extreme pressure grease which lubricates at temperatures of up to 170ºC. ‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease retains its consistency even at these temperatures to provide more cushioning and sealing protection, resulting in lower operating temperatures and less noise, friction and wear.

The formulation of ‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease includes lithium complex and polymers that are blended in a unique manufacturing process to ensure that the finished product is drawn into moving components, reducing grease loss and minimizing usage.


Unlike most high temperature greases, ‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease has excellent pumpability at low temperatures. It provides maximum anti-wear and extreme pressure protection under heavy and high shock loads, both at low and high temperatures and speeds.

‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease adheres to components in all conditions, reducing oxidisation and extending lubrication intervals. Because of its characteristics it provides optimum protection against acid corrosion, water and condensation and resists washout.

‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease is suitable for everyday use wherever grease is required, including for use under the most demanding applications, such as on kiln trucks, oven chains, rock drilling rods, canning machinery, wheel bearings, universal joints, ball joints, electric motors, shackle pins, steering links, water pumps, king and bucket pins, sealed and open gears, track rollers, and boat trailers.

‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease is highly recommended for marine, mining, agricultural, manufacturing, earthmoving, on and off road transport and transport fleet operations.


‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease saves lost production time and money by reducing inventory grease consumption, labour costs, down time and extending equipment life. Where routine preventative maintenance is practiced, ‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease has proven to be the most effective way of extending component and machinery life.

IMPORTANT: When first applying ‘UHTEP’ Multi-Purpose Winter Grease, the best results are obtained by cleaning or purging previously used grease from the component or bearing.


180 kg drum, 20 kg pail, 2.5 kg tub, 450 g cartridge


Safety Data Sheet – TRU BLU UHTEP Summer & Winter GREASE (08-094,095 ) – 28th Feb 2024