Food Armor

Product Description

Food Armor Hydraulic Oils, are specialised FOOD GRADE lubricants, available in a complete ISO Viscosity range, are approved by the Department of Primary Industries and Energy as FOOD GRADE LUBRICANT TYPE A. This approval is a very specific and mandatory requirement when lubricants are used in processing food and food support products, such as packages, cartons etc. where incidental contact with the lubricant may occur in the process.

There are viscosity grades of Food Armor is available for service in gears, compressors, hydraulics, bearings, slides, guide rails, chains and other equipment, particularly those operating in “establishments” registered under the Export Control Act 1982, which process meat, poultry, fish and allied products where incidental lubricant contact may occur during processing. Even so, special Food Grade approved TACKINESS additives are formulated in Food Armor, which greatly reduces any tendency for food contact. Food Armor tackiness minimises lubricant drip because Food Armor STAY ON where they are meant to STAY PUT. They are also fortified with Food Grade rust; oxidation and anti-wear inhibitors to promote increased lubricant service life. This is a major breakthrough, as in the past only uninhibited Medicinal Grade White Oils without tackiness were available.


  • Rollers, track and rail lubrication.
  • Plain and anti-friction bearings, chain drives, slides, guides.
  • Gear drives, both splash and circulation.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.
  • Compressor, vane, reciprocating and screw units.


Food Armor Hydraulic Oils are special approved lubricants when processing food products for human consumption where incidental contact may occur onto the food.

Every component of Food Armor meets the requirements of Section 21 CFR 178.3570 of the United States FDA regulation.

They are also recommended for non-food lubricating applications, thereby rationalising any need for both food and non-food grade lubricants.

A very essential requirement especially for overhead rail track systems, chains and conveyors. The “STAZON” virtue that keeps the lubricant where it is meant to be, not only minimises unnecessary incidental food contact, but also is more economical in use since drip wastage is overcome.

Food Armor incorporate proven rust and corrosion inhibitors, thereby avoiding food contamination with offensive rust and corrosion products. This protection is very important in abattoirs, as overhead carcass rail track systems, for cleanliness, are hosed down at the end of each day’s processing. In this application, the tackiness further assists in eliminating water wash-off of this lubricant, which further reduces lubricant wastage.

Is maintained in all equipment operating with Food Armor. Special anti-wear, friction reducing, mild extreme pressure additives provide this wear reducing characteristic. These additives ensure lubricant is maintained between mating surfaces of equipment operating under moderate load conditions.

Powerful Oxidation Inhibitors promote long lubricant service life. These inhibitors overcome the end results of high temperature oxidation, oil thickening, acid formation and insoluble oxidation products which, if not controlled, will result in premature oil deterioration and shortened equipment life.

Where water contamination cannot be avoided, good separation of the oil from water is required, otherwise stubborn emulsion, if formed, inhibits filtration processes. Food Armor has excellent filterability. In hydrolytic service, filtration is maintained because filter blocking decomposition products are not formed as a result of hydrolytic instability.

There is a viscosity grade for most transmission service.They are recommended for mild to moderate load conditions. Food Armor mild EP additives are not corrosive to yellow metals. Protection is assured to bronze and copper alloys and all other common metals.


Material Safety Data Sheet – Food Armor Hydraulic Oils