TAB 68, 220

Product Description

TAB Oils are high quality mineral oils specially compounded to eliminate “stick slip” or, as it is often called, “jumpy table”. Providing excellent lubricity and EP properties, they are non-corrosive and have outstanding metal wetting and adhesive characteristics.


For application to sliding surfaces – e.g. tableways, guide columns, on grinders, lathes, stamping machines, etc.

Because of their E.P. characteristics, metal wetting ability and adhesiveness, the Way Lubricants will not squeeze out of the ways or wipe off slides no matter whether the table is in motion or at rest.

  • Excellent for centralised lubrication systems.
  • In most cases, the ISO 68 grade will provide the correct viscosity required.
  • TAB Oils are also suitable for hydraulic systems in most machine tools


TAB Oils are approved for Cincinnati Milacron P 50 specifications.


205 litre drum, 20 litre pail, 5 litre pack


Safety Data Sheet -TAB 68 Slideaway Oil (Updated – 31st January 2024)

Safety Data Sheet – Slideway Oil TAB 220