Lubricant Water Proofer

Product Description

Lubricant Water Proofer is a totally petroleum-based product that has a high viscosity index which improves the lubrication properties of conventional oils, especially when contaminated by water, to reduce wear, power loss due to friction, heat generation and gum varnish build up and loss of oil via air breathers. ‘Make sure you get back to port’


Lubricant Water Proofer stops water contaminated oil from frothing and therefore being expelled via the air breathers. This is not something that an operator can control when a significant amount of water has entered the oil. It happens automatically if the engine (machine) is operated. This characteristic and its ability to maintain lubricity when severely water contaminated not only reduces severe wear under these conditions but can be the difference between continued efficient operation with the Lubricant Water Proofer, OR complete failure (which would normally occur with even modest amounts of water ingress) Should such a failure occur in a remote location e.g. at sea. The water proofer could be the difference between no negative effects and serious inconvenience at best or death at worst. The blue colour indicates Lubricant Water Proofer is in the oil. With water ingress the oil will turn white to indicate that water is present however the Lubricant Water Proofer will still provide up to 95% lubrication efficiency with no loss of oil from the air breathers.

Lubricant Water Proofer adheres to the internal components of engines and other moving parts, thus reducing oil starvation, providing a protective barrier between load surfaces thereby increasing compression, sealing metal surfaces and reducing component surface to surface wear.

Lubricant Water Proofer can be mixed with any conventional petroleum based oil used in petrol, diesel and LPG , CNG, LNG engines, gearboxes (including outboard legs), transmissions (including twin disc) and differentials, transfer cases and winches, hydraulic and hydrostatic systems. The viscosity index of the base oil is changed so oil pressure will remain constant and standard oil filters can be used.

The unique formulation also prevents damage to main bearings by fuel combustion by-products, particularly in LPG engines, where nitrates accelerate bearing damage and unburned gas. Gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials are protected from shock loading caused by modern traffic conditions and the ball, roller and pin bearings have their contact surfaces cushioned reducing wear reducing temperature and increasing service life.

Power steering and hydraulic and hydrostatic systems operate more responsively and with greater transmission of fluid power due to valves and components being cleaner and free of gum and varnish. Seals are improved, excessive temperature is reduced and operation is smoother.


  • Maintains lubricant integrity even with up to 50% water ingress
  • With up to 50% water ingress in equipment, the oil only has a 5% efficiency loss
  • Oil and water can be separated and the oil used again
  • Cushions and seals all moving components, preventing metal-to-metal contact.
  • The adhesive nature stops run off from moving parts after shutdown. Dry starts are eliminated.
  • Reduces oil consumption in older motors by cleaning gums, varnishes and resins from all oiled surfaces, especially in the ring groove, allowing rings to seal properly.
  • Reduces blow-by and thus increases compression.
  • Cleans and quietens hydraulic lifters.
  • Increases oil pressure and decreases time from start-up to when full oil pressure is achieved.
  • Reduces oil leakage, especially around ‘O’ ring seals.
  • Reduces heat and therefore wear.
  • Fortifies oil against contamination from blow-by from the combustion chamber.
  • Assists in reducing toxic exhaust emissions.
  • Reduces unnecessary and costly repairs due to water ingress
  • Stops foaming and frothing caused by water ingress
  • Stops oil expulsion through air breathers after water ingress
  • Reduces the possibility of permanent seizure
  • Eliminates small amounts of water from lubricants
  • Reduces corrosion
  • ‘Mothballs’ your equipment while in storage
  • Increases the life of lubricants


205 litre drum, 20 litre pail, 5 litre pack


Suitable for use in all Marine (commercial and leisure) ,Agricultural, Automotive, Heavy diesel, Trucking, Power Generation, Mining, & Industrial, equipment running mineral or synthetics, including outboard legs, all petrol and diesel motors, gearboxes, twin disc trans, winches, hydraulics, etc.

Directions – (% to use for new equipment – older/worn/stressed equipment)

  • Outboard legs 35%-50%
  • Gearboxes 25%- 50%
  • Diesel Engines 20%-50%
  • Petrol Engines 25%-50%
  • Twin Discs Trans 10% to 50%
  • Auto Transmissions 8%-20%
  • Hydraulics –Hydrostatics &power Steering 8% – 25%\
  • Winches 25% – 100%
  • Compressors 10%- 50%

Note- ensure sump is not over filled and water is drained from upper cylinder area after water ingress and before using.



Material Safety Data Sheet – Oil Water Proofer