Product Description

Biosyn Stern Tube 100 is a 75%; biodegradable oil designed specifically for stern tubes with both circulatory & non-circulatory oil-filled lubrication systems and is particularly recommended where oil must be prevented from leaking past damaged or worn aft seals.

The vast majority of ships today are fitted with oil lubricated stern tubes. The stern tube bearings and the tail shaft are required to operate reliably, often in extreme conditions due to vibration, water ingress, flexing of the vessel’s structure, movement of the vessel in heavy seas and with variations of speed and temperature.

Biosyn Stern Tube 100 is specifically designed as a stern tube lubricant where face or labyrinth seals and rubber lift type seals are employed


Biosyn Stern Tube 100 where an emulsifying type of oil is required to prevent leakage past damaged or worn aft seals. Biosyn Stern Tube 100 is a high quality synthetic biodegradable lubricant particularly recommended for lubricating sliding rolling bearing from stern tube in order to minimize environmental impacts.


  • Outstanding anti-wear and anticorrosion properties.
  • Minimises oil leakage past worn or damaged aft seals.
  • Minimises the risk of water ingress by absorbing large amounts of water.
  • Provides a very high level of lubrication protection against corrosion.
  • Adheres well to metal surfaces and is not easily washed off.
  • Compatible with common seals: VITON, PERBUNA, NITRILE NBR, NEOPRENE, SILICONE……


1000 Litre IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre cube