Product Description

STROKER TPE 4012F Monograde oils are high performance oils with increased dispersancy for main propulsion and auxiliary medium speed diesel engines that operate on distillate and MDO fuels. They are available in SAE 40 grade.

STROKER TPE 4012F contains a unique balance of detergent and dispersant properties that provide an increased resistance to cylinder liner lacquer formation in severe service applications as well as also resisting sludge and deposit formation.

Using the STROKER TPE 4012F avoids the high oil consumption usually associated with cylinder liner lacquering, improves overall engine cleanliness and can increase the time between engine overhauls. Their superior load carrying properties minimise piston ring and liner wear, which also make them suitable for marine gearing applications.


STROKER TPE 4012F Monograde oils are heavy duty, diesel engine oils that exceeds the diesel detergency performance requirements of API CF of dispersancy, primarily blended for the lubrication of high BMEP medium to high speed diesel engines such as trunk piston marine and industrial diesel engines that run on distillate fuels with high sulphur content such as ISO 8217 type DMA/DMB/DMC fuels. These oils also have high FZG ratings, which makes them excellent extreme pressure gear lubricants. Further applications can be AUX marine engines, geared transmissions, turbochargers, variable pitch propellers, oil lubricated stern tubes and deck machinery.

The STROKER TPE 4012F also meets the requirements of many major medium-speed marine diesel engine builders and have demonstrated superior performance in the latest model diesel engines, including engines of MAN BandW Alpha, Caterpillar (3600 Series), Deutz, and Wartsila.

STROKER TPE 4012F can be used as a substitute for Gardinia 40, Can also be used in modern medium to high speed diesel engines used in today’s fishing fleets.


STROKER TPE Monograde oils meets or exceeds the following specifications: formulated to meet the latest EPA environmental specification regulations.

  • API CF
  • MIL-L-2104C specifications
  • TBN of 12
  • SAE monograde


205 litre drum, 20 litre pail, 5 litre pack


Material Safety Data Sheet – Stroker TPE Series