Product Description

STROKER TPEO 4040F is a high performance multifunctional crankcase lubricant for highly rated medium-speed 4 stroke diesel engines operating on Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO or in LNG/HFO dual fuel mode) in the most severe operating conditions found in the marine and stationary power Industries.

It is designed for conditions of high oil stress and has been further optimised to improve deposit control in main propulsion and auxiliary medium speed diesel engines with an excellent TBN retention and resistance to viscosity increases over long operating periods.

STROKER TPEO 4040F contains a unique balance of detergent and dispersant properties that provide an increased resistance to cylinder liner lacquer formation in severe service applications as well as also resisting sludge and deposit formation. This high detergency neutralizes acids caused by HFO to prevent corrosive wear, and prevent deposit formation by keeping contaminants suspended, resist thermal & oxidative stress, handle contamination with water, and provide sufficient load carrying capacity to protect engine parts under high load.

Using STROKER TPEO 4040F avoids the high oil consumption usually associated with cylinder liner lacquering, improves overall engine cleanliness and can increase the time between engine overhauls. The superior load carrying properties minimise piston ring and liner wear, which also make them suitable for marine gearing applications.


Heavy fuels contaminate the oil with asphaltenes and sulphur acids, which cause high wear rates of piston rings and cylinder liners unless neutralised by a high basicity reserve in the oil. The oil is in service for very long periods, so centrifugal separators are used to remove water and combustion contaminants from the oil. Medium-speed engine oils must be specially designed to release these contaminants in the separator.

STROKER TPEO 4040F is a heavy duty diesel engine oil that exceeds the diesel detergency performance requirements of API CF of dispersancy, primarily blended for the lubrication of medium diesel engines such as trunk piston marine and industrial diesel engines that run on HFO fuels with high sulphur content. This oil also have high FZG ratings, which makes it an excellent extreme pressure gear lubricant.

Apart from the main propulsion engines further applications can be in auxiliary engines, geared transmissions, turbochargers, variable pitch propellers, power generation, oil lubricated stern tubes and deck machinery. .

STROKER TPEO 4040F uses the latest Oronite State-of-the-art carboxylate detergent technology in its TPEO products which ensures it exceeds the new 2017 EPA regulations.

STROKER TPEO 4040F can be used as a substitute for such products as Mobil 4040M and Shell Argina X. These products can be manufactured in both API Gp I & Gp II base oils.


STROKER TPEO 4040F provides the following benefits:

  • Engine cleanliness
  • Reduced deposits in piston undercrown and ring belt areas
  • Extends the life of critical wear surfaces
  • Rapid neutralisation of acidic combustion products
  • Clean camshaft and crankcase spaces
  • Long-term protection against corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Protects wear surfaces from water and acidic corrosion
  • Reduced sludge formation, longer oil life
  • High Residual Fuel Compatibility
  • Advanced detergency/dispersancy
  • Thermal stability and resistance to oxidation
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Combats fuel and combustion related corrosion and deposits
  • Suitability for centrifugal separators


STROKER TPEO 4040F meets or exceeds the following specifications: formulated to meet the latest stringent 2017 EPA environmental specification regulations.

  • API CF
  • MIL-L-2104C specifications
  • TBN 40
  • SAE monograde 40


Bulk, 1000L IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre drum