Drive Axle FD-1

Product Description

Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 has been designed for use in final drives, axels, bevel gears and differentials to provide extreme protection, for gears and bearings under high load and high temperature conditions incurred by off road vehicles such as Mine Haul Trucks, wheeled and track type tractors.

Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 provides excellent oxidation performance, it oxidizes at a low rate, thus extending oil life and extending drain intervals.

Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 oil has a sustained film thickness which provides excellent continuous ant-wear protection.


  • Extends gear and bearing life by minimizing contact fatigue
  • Ensures no fluid loss due to foaming and protects against fluid overflow and fire hazards
  • Oxidizes at a lower rate extending the life of the oil
  • Contains advanced inhibitors reducing deposit formation while providing excellent protection against rust
  • Excellent viscosity characteristics ensuring rapid oil circulation on start-up thus preventing wear

Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 embodies unsurpassed thermal and oxidation stability protecting against deposit formation and viscosity increase leading to a typical 4000 hour drain interval. The result is costs saved on down time, mechanical replacement and fluid.

Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 is fully metal and seal compatible.


Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 allows a wide range of usage from Final Drives, Differentials and front and rear wheels of caterpillar equipment where FD-1 performance fluid is specified.

Note: Drive Axle FD-1 SAE 60 is designed for use with non-friction materials and is NOT suitable for power transmissions, oil immersed wet brakes or clutches and Limited slip applications.

Tru-Blu Trans Shift Plus Series fluids are recommended for powershift transmissions, hydraulics, oil immersed wet brakes or clutches and Limited slip applications requiring TO-4 lubricants.

Suitable for use:

Tru-Blu Drive Axle FD-1 SAE60 is a final drive and axle fluid designed to meet the requirements of:

  • Caterpillar FD-1

Note: always check OEM manuals for confirming the correct product


Material Safety Data Sheet – Drive Axel FD-1