Rock Drill Oil

ISO 100

Product Description

Tru-Blu Pneumatic Tool Oil and Rock Drill Oil provides excellent lubrication and rust and corrosion protection for percussion type pneumatic tools.


Tru-Blu Pneumatic Tool Oil and Rock Drill Oil can be used for Heavy duty Pneumatic Rock Drill applications, jack hammers, sinkers as well other air tool applications where and extreme pressure lubricant is required such as small plant pneumatic tools, drill, wrenches, cappers, etc.


  • • Increased Tool life
  • • Smoother running
  • • Wide range applications
  • • Reduces wear and protects against corrosion
  • • Excellent mist lubrication of general purpose air tools

Suitable for use

ISO 6743-11 Types PAC and PBC

Note: always refer to your OEM Manual to confirm the correct grade of oil for use in your application.


1000 Litre, 205 Litre Drum, 20 litre cube,


Safety Data Sheet – Pneumatic Tool Rock Drill Oil