Product Description

FOOD ARMOR FM1 is a premium, Aluminium Complex grease specially developed for the lubrication of all types of machinery used in the food processing industry. It is composed entirely with ingredients that meet the requirements of FDA (Food and Drug) Regulation 178.3570 for incidental contact with food.

The Department of Primary Industries and Energy also approves FOOD ARMOR FM1 as Food Grade LUBRICANT TYPE A. This approval is a very specific and mandatory requirement when lubricants are used in processing food and food support products, such as packages, cartons etc. where incidental contact with the lubricants may occur in the process.


FOOD ARMOR FM1 is recommended for use in most grease applications encountered in food processing plants. It is suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, enclosed industrial gear boxes and automated lubrication systems.

Operating Temperature Range

FOOD ARMOR FM1 is recommended for service down to -30°C and up to 120°C. The product can also endure higher temperatures of 140°C for short periods or if the lubrication frequency is increased.

Performance Characteristics

Pure White, Odourless & Tasteless
FOOD ARMOR FM1 is off white, odourless and tasteless. It is made with a USP white mineral oil and a special aluminium complex thickener. It contains an advanced additive technology system that will provide outstanding Extreme Pressure and Antiwear performance along with protection from corrosion, oxidation and water washout.

Considered practically sterile
FOOD ARMOR FM1 has been tested for bacteria and fungi and considered practically sterile. It is not a source of microbiological contamination.

Won’t breakdown under mechanical stress
FOOD ARMOR FM1 will not breakdown under mechanical stress and will not release oil in storage.

Can be registered
It can be, where required, be registered as NSF H-1 and the Halal certificate can also be obtained.


Material Safety Data Sheet – Food Armor Aluminium Complex Grease fm1-fm2