Medico 68

Product Description

Medico 68 is pharmaceutical grade white oil.


Medico 68 has applications across a wide range of industries including:

  • Machinery lubrication – Lubrication of moving parts/cylinders in compressors using in the product of plastic intended for use in food packaging.
  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceuticals – Components in cosmetic crèmes, lotions, oils, toiletries etc.
  • Food packaging – Extender oil in polystyrene and other plastics, price labels.
  • Hygiene articles – Extender oil in thermoplastic TPE (e.g. SIS, SEPS), TPV & other elastomers.
  • Technical applications and car components – Carrier fluid and extender oil for a variety of high quality applications, where colour and stability is important. Suitable when PVC is replaced by TPE elastomers.
  • Toys and similar articles – Extender oil in TPE elastomers (e.g. SBS, SEBS).

NOTE: This product meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration, FDA 172.878.

Performance Features and Benefits

  • High purity – Refined to the highest degree of purity removing all aromatics; consist only of chemically inert molecules.
  • Excellent stability – Exceeding oxidation and light stability of standard process oils.
  • Optimal quality control – Segregated product lines during production, storage, blending and filling; extensive laboratory control testing.


1000 Litres, 180kg Drum, 20 Litre Cube


Advice on applications not covered in this page may be obtained from a Tru-Blu representative.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety guidelines are available on the appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained upon request.

Protect the environment

  • Take used oil to an authorised collection point.
  • Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.


Material Safety Data Sheet – Medico 15 & 68