Fyrquel GT

Fyrquel ® GT is a premium ISO 32 viscosity grade fire resistant synthetic phosphate ester turbine lubricant used in:

  • Large frame industrial gas turbine bearing lubrication;
  • Centrifugal compressor bearing lubrication;
  • Steam isolation valves; and
  • Plant hydraulics

Fyrquel ® GT is formulated with synthetic butylated triphenyl phosphates to provide:

  • Self Extinguishing fire resistant properties;
  • Superior oxidation and thermal stability;
  • Good hydrolytic stability;
  • Excellent lubrication properties; and
  • Biodegradable fluid

Fyrquel ® fluids are self extinguishing, non-aqueous hydrualic fluids that do not support their own combustion. This self extinguishing property exceeds the limits established for “Less Hazardous Hydraulic Fluids” and incorporates phosphate esters’ unique true self extinguishing property easily proven by simple flame and wick tests. Fyrquel fire resistant fluids reduce the risk of catatrophic fires.

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