Product Description

TRU-BLU Degreaser is a high quality soluble product which emulsifies quickly for removal with water.

Appearance is a clear colourless liquid free from suspended matter, water white


Applications include the cleaning and removal of grease and oily residue from tools, machinery, engines, concrete paving and floors.

The method of application depends on what is being cleaned. Tools and small parts can be soaked in a container or sink. Machines or large floor areas can be cleaned by applying the oil through spraying, brushing or swabbing.

After the degreaser has dissolved the oil or grease from the surface it may be removed by swabbing or hosing with cold water.

Note: Degreaser should not be used for cleaning bitumen roads, paths or driveways.


205L, 20L


Material Safety Data Sheet – Solvent Degreaser