Product Description

Bio Chain & Bar Oil is a good quality chain and bar lubricant manufactured with a biodegradable canola oil base. It provides effective lubrication of chains, sprockets and guide bars of chain saws with either automatic or hand oilers..

Bio Chain & Bar Oil is recommended for the lubrication of the chain bar and sprockets of all types of chainsaws, using either hand – operated or automatic oilers for light to medium use applications.

Bio Chain & Bar Oil is biodegradable, reducing the environmental impact of any product lost during use. Tru-Blu Oil recommends that this feature of the product should not be relied upon to protect the environment and advises that care should be taken to keep losses to a minimum. The tackifier incorporated into the product will assist this and also minimise dispersion of the product.


Lubrication of chains and chain saws in outdoor areas.


1000L IBC, 205 litre drum, 20 litre cube


Material Safety Data Sheet – Bio Chain and Bar