Log End Sealer

Product Description

Log End Sealer is a white fluid emulsion of water and fatty materials designed to prevent “end checks” in cut or sawn timber.

Log End Sealer controls the loss of moisture from the ends of sawn timber to acceptable limits, thus preventing excessive “end checking” of timber, particularly while stacking at sawmills.

Log End Sealer was developed to be stable over a wide range of temperatures, particularly low ambient temperatures.

Log End Sealer should be applied at approximately four square metres per litre,
i.e.: comparable to one heavy coat of paint.

Log End Sealer is stable in extended storage. Because the product is not waxed based, “splitting” is not experiences at low ambient temperatures.

Application Rate

1 litre to 4 sq. meters or similar to one “heavy coat of paint”.


  • Increased sound timber yield from each log can be achieved as a low cost.
  • Stable on extended storage.
  • Stable at low ambient temperatures, unlike its wax counterparts.
  • Easily applied by brushing, dipping or spraying with conventional equipment.
  • Lower cost than regular paint materials.
  • Reduced fire hazard, due to the absence of highly volatile flammable solvents.
  • Ready clean-up of equipment with Mineral Turpentine.


Material Safety Data Sheet – Log-end-sealer