Product Description

Tru-Blu Roadranger Synthetic SAE50 is a full synthetic oil for use in the trucking industry where heavy duty non-synchronised manual gearboxes are used such as Roadranger, Rockwell, Eaton Fuller and Spicer. The SAE MT-1 standard is for “clean gear” the additive used in this product protects against thermal degradation, component wear and oil seal deterioration which is not provided by products only meeting the API GL4 and GL-5 standard. The high viscosity index and low pour point provide a tough, highly adhesive film to protect gear teeth and bearings against wear.


Tru-Blu Roadranger Synthetic SAE50 can be used where manufacturer’s recommendation is for API service MT-1 or GL-5 gear oil. Roadranger Synthetic SAE 50 can be used to lubricate various manual transmissions in mild gear oil applications in some spiral bevel axle assemblies and worm gear drives on commercial, farm and truck equipment.


  • API MT-1
  • API GL-5
  • MIL – PRF – 2015E
  • SAE J2360


1000 Litre IBC, 205 litre drums, 20 litre cube


Material Safety Data Sheet – Roadranger SAE50