Product Description

ATF MULTISYN HEAVY DUTY is a multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid (ATF) that is suitable for use in a wide range of light duty and heavy duty transmissions in use around the world. The synthetic formulation ensures exceptional oxidative stability, including full protection for transmission fluids operating under extended drain intervals. The balanced detergent/inhibitor/friction modifier combination bestows excellent cleanliness, optimum shifting characteristics and consistent shift feel between fluid changes.


  • Heavy duty automatic transmissions
  • Light truck automatic transmissions
  • Power Steering units (Dexron ® III and Mercon ®)
  • Rotary vane and screw type compressors (as per specs in your manual)
  • Mobile Hydraulic Systems
  • Industrial anti-wear hydraulic systems
  • Manual transmissions and transaxles (as per specs in your manual)


  • Extended Oil Life
  • Smooth Operation
  • Maximises transmission life


Tru-Blu ATF Multisyn Heavy Duty is suitable for use where the following fluids and transmission type:

  • MAN 339 Typ V1
  • MAN 339 Typ V2, Z2, Z12
  • MB 236.9
  • Voith Turbo H55.6335
  • Voith Turbo H55.6336
  • Volvo 97341
  • ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 14B, 16L, 17C, 20B

Note: always consult your OEM manual for the correct oil specification required.


1000L cube, 205 litre drum, 20 litre drum


Safety Data Sheet – ATF Multisyn Heavy Duty (1 August 2022)